Thursday, 19 July 2007

My Feelings © ®

My heart is pierced by thousands of swords,
My feelings are as rough as the deep ocean,
Cursing everyone in my way,
Trying to get rid of them.
I'll slay them to maintain my sanity,
If possible.

"When I'm right, no one remembers;
When I'm wrong, no one forgets."

My tears roll down my cheeks.
So sad, so sad.
I wonder who can understand my feelings.
It's beyond your thought,
And I'm the only person who knows how intense my feelings are.

None of them listens to me,
And neither do they believe in me.
I've been ostracized.
I've tried my very best to make them acknowledge me,
But it's all in vain.

All I can do now
Is strengthening myself.
I won't collapse
Just like this,
Unless I've proven my existence to them.

When the time comes,

© ®

p/s: How's it? This is my masterpiece and it's done on 14th Dec 2006 (7 p.m.). If there are any grammatical or syntactic errors, do tell me, ya... Thanks!


~k@!_L!m!t3d~ said...

wow!! very nice but sounds a bit scary...u are pretty emo... and just to let u know, i listen to u, and i believe in u, so i'm not the person u'll avenge...haha

JzEn-zEnTeRNaL said...

lolz.. indeed i was pretty emo..

~k@!_L!m!t3d~ said...

update ur blog and take a look at my blog too...drop ur comment there...thanks

~thian~ said...

wow you are a literati. haha yea kai is right. it's abit emo and aggresive. haha.