Sunday, 19 September 2010

bye bye Wonderland...

Two weeks of holiday is coming to an end. Tomorrow, I will need to wake up early in the morning to attend lectures. BORING... I enjoyed myself very much in this fortnight, and I hope this enjoyment will never end, although it is impossible. Reality is not a fairy tale where we can always have an interesting and enjoyable journey of life. I have to wake up from my deep slumber, wake up from my Wonderland and continue pursuing my Degree. I ought to do revision as well as course-works. I will do whatever it takes to uphold my CGPA, and never will I let it drops below 3.8885! That's the oath I vowed, and I really hope I can really improve my results. *finger-crossed*

Thanks to everyone who has accompanied me throughout this fortnight holiday. I really was having the best blast of my life. I will definitely miss it. Let's have fun
again occasionally!

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