Friday, 3 August 2007

Forget the past and think for my future

Preparation = ok lar..
Confidence = ok also..

HOWEVER, during exam, I could barely remember what I've read. I can predict my results this time will not be very good. How could this happened to me? *sigh* Anyway, I'll strive for my trial STPM.. Gambateh! Gambateh! Hmm.. Actually, I don't feel like posting any blog today. No mood, actually. I just want to say that I'll work harder and of course, smarter to achieve my goal. To put it in a nutshell, I'll forget the past and think for my future. PROMISE!!!


~thian~ said...

make sure u keep ur promise

JzEn-zEnTeRNaL said...

ahahaa.. i'll TRY!!! hehe..

彩虹 眼泪 said...

omg.. how many century ago de post liao.. =="