Monday, 28 June 2010

My Journal

Well, I have been away from this blog for approximately 3 years and so I think it would be appropriate if I jot down a few events that happened during my disappearance. I have posted a short Note in my Facebook recently - about my life in UPM from the first semester till the fourth one. What I'm going to do is to share it with everyone here. Some might have read it and some might not have. Anyway, since blog is some sort of personal diary, I guess I'll treasure my Note entitled: "My Journal" by putting it over here too. Enjoy!

You know what,
When I left home to UPM,
I had mixed feelings,
As I was about to embark on a new journey
In this very place.
Upon my arrival in K6,
I got my room –104 Delima.
An empty, dusty room.
As if it was unoccupied for years.
I've got a roommate –
He was a quiet one.
I could sometimes see reflection of me in him;
Quite similar to my being.
I guess this is destiny.

It was the orientation week.
A lot of activities were carried out.
It was tiring, yet fun.
I made new friends –
Told them that I was a banana,
Accidentally got Milo poured on me, (I've forgotten who.)
Passed around a piece of paper and pen to get their contact numbers,
Spelt my Chinese and Malay names to them,
And so forth.

First week of lecture started.
On the very first day,
My school friend and I met up
To check out our campus –
From DB, DK 1-4 to DK 5-9.
There was this one night,
Few Kolej mates and I went out –
Took a stroll to CIMB area by crossing over the pedestrian bridge
And to McD. (Using a very long route.)

Never had I boarded UPM buses for a week or so
As I was not familiar with the route.
After that week,
I guess I was admitted to hospital for Dengue.
Thanks to those who took care after me.
Thank you!
When I got back to UPM,
A lot of them concerned about me. (Thanks!)
After that was the Course Night.
It was my first time attending this kind of party.
And sadly,
I was actually still in the recovering period!
It was enjoyable.

During the first semester,
Among my coursemates, (Math & Stat)
Not many people knew me.
Perhaps I am a very quiet and shy guy,
Especially in front of so many girls.
I strived hard for exams,
Just like when I was in my Alma Mater,
But not during my Sixth Form. (Rebellious stage. Hehe..)
I passed my exams with flying colours.
I was in the seventh heaven of delight.
Thank you for those who helped me in my academics.
You have my gratitude.

During the second semester,
I started to make more friends.
I am no more a hermit.
I have got used to the life in campus.
BBI 2421 was the most fun class.
And hey!
Thanks for the birthday cake and sandwiches!
One slice of cake and few sandwiches. (Was it salmon or tuna?)
I knew there was something when you called me out from the library;
It was my birthday anyway. (Haha!)
By the end of the semester,
Few of us decided to move out from Kolej,
And so we went out to find houses and flats to rent.
Old Flat, 19C, 3rd Floor was the place.

During the third semester –
No more Kolej life.
I stayed in a more independent and carefree environment.
I am glad that I moved out.
There are more pros than cons.
And that was when we started to go out –
To sing karaoke and play all sorts of games.
It was indeed very fun!
I had my first love story.
Even though it was not long,
I learnt a lot.
I am truly sorry if I have hurt you.
By the end of the semester,
My friend and I shifted from 19C to 8B.
Not to forget,
Upon obtaining my results,
I was shocked to see my MGM 3180 result!
Fuck you to Mr. whatever-you-are!
Okay, enough said. (Emo-ing..)

During the fourth semester,
More friends moved out from their Kolej’s,
Joining us in Old Flat.
Despite the influx of these people,
Not many outings had been done
Except the M&S parties,
Due to many friends have been “coupled”.
They would spend most of their time sticking together,
Leaving the singles and long-distance-relationship
people unattended.
M&S timetables are no more the same.
We could only get together during MTH 3501 lecture.
To me,
Dr. Zanariah is the best lecturer.
She cares for her students very much.
It was fun to be in her lecture.
Although my birthday falls during the final exam weeks,
You guys never forget.
Thanks to my constant reminder! (Lolz..)
I knew you all were planning for my birthday party,
But the unexpected thing was the amount of people who celebrated with me.
I was shocked to see so many of you there.
At least there was this one event that I enjoyed very much.

To put it in a nutshell,
This journey consists of
Many sweet and sour happenings
Which are worthwhile to become parts of my memories –
Et cetera –
As I believe they would mould me into a better person in the near future.
I am now looking forward for my final year in UPM.
I wonder how my journey will end.
Fingers crossed.


TC said...

Hi. love chockablock

JzEn zEnTeRNaL said...

erm.. but.. u have posted in the wrong section of my blog-.-.. lolx... comment should be at the side of my title..

wxneoh said...

y are there so many things about ur uni's life? where are those with sastian friends like penang trip and so on...i feel deserted as one of the sastian friend who did nt get mentioned at all

JzEn zEnTeRNaL said...

coz i've been away from my blog at that time ma.. so, i didn't put it here lo.. lolx-.-.. penang trip ada photo inside facebook can liao lo.. lolx..-.-..