Tuesday, 29 June 2010

ten more days

In ten more days I'm going back to UPM. I don't feel like returning to my campus life. It is hectic and full of stress. The pressure of studies is the most dominant factor. Anyhow, lectures are going to start on July 12th, and I've got no choice but to leave my home. I return to UPM on the 9th of July because I've some tasks to deal with.

First of all, I need to clean my room. Books and papers that chockablock my table must all be eliminated! All those previous semester academic stuffs which are deemed irrelevant need to be packed and put aside. I'll either pass it to my direct junior or the others. Well, speaking about my direct junior. She has never come to me for anything, and I'm quite agitated about this matter. It's me who went to approach her during the first time. So, what could I do if she doesn't want to act? Perhaps she doesn't need any help at the first place, but I still couldn't comprehend it. Sigh. Also, I could still remember that there is a box of academic papers belong to my direct senior, and I'll return them to him if he still wants them back. Having that box of stuffs in my room is quite troublesome since my room is so small for two persons to stay in.

Besides, I haven't completed my task given by my (FYP) Final Year Project's supervisor. I need to sort out a topic out of a journal entitled "Explicit Runge-Kutta (-Nystrom) Methods with Reduced Phase Errors for Computing Oscillating Solutions". This journal is a complete different level compared to my degree of understanding. I have read it for a quite number of times together with a reference book given by my supervisor, but I could hardly understand anything. Consequently, I couldn't get a topic from it. How am I going to understand it? I'm very worried and furious about it. He should have just given me the topic and everything will be as clear as the sky. Instead, he gave me such a difficult task. Everyday I wake up, the image of that journal will be on my mind; I couldn't do anything but to give a sigh on it. I wish I could just give up on that piece of material. Try reading a material that you couldn't understand no matter how many times you read; eventually you will feel how I'm feeling right now. REDUNDANT is all I could say. Anyway, I still need to anyhow complete my task before visiting my supervisor when the semester starts.

All in all, I will try my best to enjoy these ten days in my hometown. I will not leave them to waste just like that. Hopefully, I could settle my FYP before then too. *~ush ~ush!!!*


TC said...

ok. got it.

JzEn zEnTeRNaL said...

haha.. -.-..

kathy said...

i'l come approach u.. do remember keep 3202 for me -.-