Thursday, 1 July 2010

Yesternight, Tonight, Tomorrow Night

Yesternight, there was a gathering. Everyone was late. When we reached Old Town, we changed our location to AL-Fresco since we had been holding the same event at either Old Town or McD, and we are sick of those two places. We enjoyed our Singles' Gathering (that's the name we gave - CCY, KKH, NSM, HHL, LHS and I).

Tonight, my family together with my maternal grandmother went out to Sechuan Restaurant to celebrate my mother's birthday in advance which falls tomorrow. The "kam hiong" crabs were okay for me as I'm not a crab-lover, but through my brother who is a crab-fanatic said it's "tok kong" (superbly delicious).

Tomorrow night, my friends and I will be going to celebrate CCY's birthday in Secret Recipe at 8 p.m.. I hope everything will go fine, and he won't read this post until then. (Lolx..)


TC said...

wish your mum and CCY happy birthday

JzEn zEnTeRNaL said...

thanks ^^