Friday, 16 December 2011

An Abrupt Teaching

Today, while I was mopping the floor, I was shocked to see my cousins with a friend of them coming into my classroom. They said they were coming for so-called trial tuition lesson. -_- One Year 6, one Form 2, one Form 3 and two Form 5. What the.... I was challenged.... >< Luckily, I managed to sort it out and I taught Math to the Form 5s and BM composition to the others. On the whole, I couldn't say I nailed in the multi-ages class; I passed nevertheless. =X I could manage them moderately and I should be commended since it was an abrupt one! =X Wakakaka... Tomorrow they will come again. ><

Well, my aunt didn't prepare our dinner as my cousins wanted to eat outside food. So, we went to the opposite of our shop to have our dinner - KFC. I was so full.......... @_@ After returning to my solitary lair, I continue my doing my routine - Facebook, MSN, blogging, etc and also some guessing games were held -_-... Hmm... In dilemma if I should change my Facebook version to Timeline. =X

edited: 9:50pm = I officially am using Facebook Timeline! I like the design so much~~~ :D

All in all, another day has passed and I shall be waiting... : )

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