Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Songs

I have just posted up a post here few hours ago and now here I am again, posting up another one. : )
While I was driving to Gemas today, I listened to the radio and there were many songs aired by the DJ's.
Here are some of those which I could still remember and I deemed special. You can click on the titles and they will link you to their respective Youtube sites.
The same song I heard when I first drove to Gemas.
A great melody with nice tune. : )
I listened to it twice in the car.

別再驚動愛情 (張棟樑)
Another great song. It's from a Malaysian singer.
A tough song to sing. I'd need to practise deep breathing before I can sing it.

分隔線 (李佳薇)
Yeah... Jess Lee, my idol. A great Malaysian singer with a great range of vocal!
It's a super sad song when you are super sad.
It's not sad when you are not sad.
Hahaha... That's magical....

不是不滿足 (A-lin)
Well, this song doesn't catch my heart at all despite its fame.
I don't know. Perhaps it's just not my forte.

Oh, and this one is posted by one of my friends in Facebook few minutes ago:
The lyrics seem sad. If only the emotion is sadder..... =X
She is a Malaysian. There are a lot of nice songs from her actually.


OK. That's it for now. It's almost time for me to sleep. I haven't been sleeping early recently. @_@
I don't know why I posted this up in my blog though.
Just take it as a sharing. : )
I shall be waiting....

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