Tuesday, 20 December 2011


This morning, the air-conditioner technicians came. Now, my classroom has a 1.5 horsepower air-cond. Consequently, it increases my debt! >_< I'm waiting for the carpenter sifu to deal with the door knob and the semi-glass door. He is such a slowpoke...

Hmm... One Malay mother called today to ask about PMR classes. I wonder if she will register her child/children under my classes soon.

Due to the installation of the air-cond, the floor was sandy. I was displeased. >< I had to sweep and mop it again. Tomorrow, I shall clean the spider web in the stairway.

I had 煮炒 - "wat dan hor" and "char kue teow" as my dinner. The tastes weren't up to the par though. =X

I have nothing much to do tonight. I guess I should go to bed by 12 midnight.

Well, I shall be waiting....

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Lj Lee said...

you should be waiting