Wednesday, 15 December 2010

some activities

one of the steamboat dishes

On Sunday night, I had steamboat session with Jared, Kenny, Elizabeth and Wei Khang (not sure the spelling, and definitely not my hometown friend.. LOL!). The food was okay, but most importantly was the mood we had there. It was fun with lots of chattering around - especially topics on running and badminton. Frankly, I obtained a lot of knowledge there.

On Monday, Sam fetched me to Bukit Jalil bus station and it's my first time there. I was a little scared without any sense of direction. I asked the people there, and they were like laughing at me-.-.. AIKS!!! wtf... Anyway, I successfully found the Transnational booth and I waited there for my bus to arrive. When we stopped at Duta Station, something happened to the bus and we were asked to get down for maintenance to be done. Consequently, we were stranded there for an hour! Damn... That's why I hate buses so much!

Tonight, I had a family dinner in Sechuan Restaurant. Too bad my mom wasn't there. Anyway, we had a great time there and the food served was delicious - chicken, pork, curry fish and crab. Nice!

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JzEn zEnTeRNaL said...

Sorry, I don't understand French. According to Google Translate, I guessed you mean this:

"It appears that you are an expert in this field, your remarks are very interesting, thank you."

Thanks a lot!
Merci :)